Various massage and manipulative techniques are used to bring about improved body mobility and flexibility.  May be effective in treating back, neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension, postural problems and minor injuries.


This very relaxing holistic treatment combines the use of essential oils with massage techniques.  Aromatherapy brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit, it aids relaxation and helps improve health and well-being.

Many conditions may benefit – arthritis, poor circulation, muscular aches and pains, stresses and strains, skin conditions and many more.


This is a very gentle non-invasive massage which uses light touch techniques over the body.  This treatment helps stimulate the immune system with improved blood and lymph flow and aids in helping reduce pain, anxiety, depression and many more conditions.


Massage techniques and acupressure techniques are used to help enhance and improve the skin and stabilise and balance the complexion.  This treatment also helps to relieve tension, induce a state of relaxation and create balance and harmony in the body.  All products used are totally natural, free from any chemicals and are suitable for all skin types.


This is an holistic treatment that combines massage of the reflex points of the feet with essential oils and a base cream.  Imbalances in the body show up in these reflexes and by massaging these individual areas, the therapist is able to help stimulate the body’s healing processes and help restore the client’s balance and health.

May be effective for treating stress, fatigue, aches and pains, respiratory congestion, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, poor circulation and many more.


Four out of five western women have cellulite.  This cellulite treatment helps eliminate toxins in the body thus reducing the orange peel effect of the skin.


Indian head massage is part of the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, which dates back many thousands of years.  Flowing massage movements are used over the shoulders, neck, face and scalp to stimulate and balance the body.

This treatment may be effective for neck and shoulder pain, headaches, stress and lack of energy.

All of the above treatments are therapeutic and holistic and are offered on an at-home mobile service.

I will travel within a 20 mile radius of Nottingham, but outside of a 8 mile radius there will be a £5 surcharge for fuel.


This is a very gentle and therapeutic massage which focuses on the needs of the pregnant mum-to-be. Pregnant ladies will experience many dramatic changes to their bodies as their “bump” grows. They will experience changes in their emotions, body energies, hormones, musculoskeletal strains and pains, circulation, wellbeing and many more conditions. The beneficial touch of massage in pregnancy is wonderful for mum-to-be and baby responds too!

I have had specialist training in pregnancy massage and pregnancy essential oils, and mums-to-be can feel safe and secure that their massage is tailored to their growing “bump” and the essential oils are safe to use during the whole term of pregnancy.